Class Description

​​Dance with Me

Ages 18 months - 2 years:  This class is the perfect introduction to movement and dance for your child who is not ready to separate but is ready to explore a nurturing learning environment. The basic elements of dance are introduced in a positive and loving way using props, such as scarves, stuffed animals, and musical instruments. Caregivers (in comfortable clothing) and children participate together throughout the class. Little movers must be walking. Nannies and caregivers are absolutely welcome! This class has the option to perform in the annual June Recital.

Creative Movement/Baby Ballerina

Ages 2-3 years: A thirty minute introductory dance class for toddlers containing ballet and creative movement. Our instructors use imagination games, stories,  upbeat age-appropriate music, and props like scarves, hula hoops, tambourines, and maracas to teach balance, rhythm, movement, coordination, and basic ballet steps. Students are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary, while exploring movement and music in a fun, creative way. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, listening and working with others. 


Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence.  It provides grace, poise, and the technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance. Students will learn classical ballet techniques and terminology. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. The ballet curriculum is based on a combination of the French, Vagonova, and Cecchetti methods. We recommend taking ballet as it is a fundamental class to support all other dance styles.


Beginning pointe class can be taken on flat or in pointe shoes at the instructors discretion. All pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work, and across the floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles.


Jazz class will focus on learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz such as Broadway, Street, and Contemporary to help develop a well rounded dancer. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations.


Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Therefore class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements.


Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun!


This class is a combination of ballet and jazz technique that challenges dancers to use choreography and movement to interpret music and express emotion. Dancers learn to express emotions derived from lyrics to convey the dance’s meaning.

Additional styles coming soon!