Starting September 2021 SSDA will be auto drafting all monthly tuition and fees due on the 7th of the month. If you wish to pay by cash or check payment must be received in the office by the 7th to avoid the card on file being charged.


30 Minute Class - $37/month

45 Minute Class - $47/month

60 Minute Class - $57/month

There will be an annual $30 registration fee per family due with first months tuition. 

Multi Class Discount Tier

1st class - No discount

2nd class - 10% discount

3rd class - 15% discount

4th class - 20% discount 

5th class - 25% discount
6th class - 30
% discount

1 Student Unlimited Rate: $165/month

2 Student Family Unlimited Rate: $260/month 

3+ Student Family Unlimited Rate: $320/month


Costumes average $35-65 per costume. Each class will perform one number at the annual recital with the exception of combo classes which will perform 2 numbers and require 2 costumes. Level 3 and 4 Jazz/Hip Hop will require 2 costumes as they will have 2 recital dances. The cost per costume will never exceed $65. 

We will release the price list for costumes in September. Half of the payment is due with Novembers tuition with the balance being due in February. If you do not wish to participate in recital we need to be notified in writing by October 31st, 2021. This fee will be charged to the card on file with your monthly tuition. 

Recital Fee

Recital fee is not a fee to participate but rather a package for your dancer. Our recital fee includes (1) recital t-shirt per dancer, (1) pair of performance tights per dancer, (1) professional recording of recital per family, and any required props. Recital fee is due in full with May tuition. The estimated cost for recital fee is $50 for one dancer, $72 for two dancers, $94 for three dancers. The exact recital fee will be announced in March in the newsletter. 

Last Updated: 7/15/2021