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Atlantic Shores Christian School

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is due by the first class of the session and will be auto drafted from your card on file if not paid in full previously. We will divide the spring session into two payments. If you would like to pay by cash or check it needs to be received before the start of the session otherwise the card on file will be charged. Please make all checks payable to: Shining Stars Dance Academy.

Fall Session- starts 9/11/23:
K3-K4, 45 minutes weekly $165(11 weeks)
Kinder - 1st, 60 minutes weekly $216 (12 weeks)
2nd - 5th, 75 minutes weekly $247.50 (11 weeks)

Spring Session-starts 1/8/24:
K3-K4, 45 minutes weekly $240 (16 weeks)
Kinder - 1st, 60 minutes weekly $324 (18 weeks)
2nd - 5th, 75 minutes weekly $405 (18 weeks)

Payment Schedule
September 12th - Fall Session payment due
January 9th - Spring Session 1st half payment due
March 5th - Spring Session 2nd half payment due
Costume Fee - due date will be emailed once finalized

Costumes average $50-$95 per costume. We will provide costume pricing by the end of the fall session along with a payment due date. We will also include a new pair of tights to be worn for all dancers participating in the end of year showcase.

Other Fees:
$25 – late fee for all tuition payments received after the 1st class of the session.
$25 – for each check returned or ACH due to insufficient funds.


All registration, tuition, costumes, shoes, merchandise, performance fees, advertisements, tickets, convention fees, competition fees, etc. cannot be prorated, refunded or transferred.

Roll Over Registration

When you sign up your dancer for the first session of the school year you will be auto enrolled in all subsequent sessions for your convenience, no need to re-enroll for each session! If you decide to not continue after your first session, no worries! We can remove your enrollment from the next session by following the steps below.

Performances & Events

Picture Day:

We will have a professional photographer come take individuals & group photos of the dancers during the spring session. This will happen outside of normal class hours. You will be notified once a date has been finalized.


Mid-Session Show & Tell:
We will have a 15 minute show & tell half way through each session. This will be in the art room during the lsat 15 minutes of class.


Year-end Showcase:
For the end of year showcase dancers will perform (1) routine in each style learned in full costume. The year-end showcase will be held at Atlantic Shores on Wednesday May 15th. More details will be emailed to all parents once the information has been finalized.

Dance Class Withdrawal ASCS

We understand issues arise that may require a student to withdraw from class. If this occurs, please fill out the form at this link: This link is also accessible via the SSDA website under the Atlantic Shores tab. The studio must be notified prior to the last day of the previous session to avoid tuition for the next session being due. Please keep in mind that all registration, tuition, costumes, shoes, merchandise, performance, advertisements, tickets, convention, competition fees, etc. cannot be prorated, refunded or transferred

*Last updated 8/13/2023

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