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Spot TV

Shining Stars Dance Academy is excited to offer Spot TV as a way to observe your child in class, even when you are away from the studio! Using a desktop computer or mobile device, Spot TV allows parents to log in and view their child taking class in real time!

How does Spot TV work?

Shining Stars Dance Academy uses the enrollment software Jackrabbit dance. Spot TV has partnered with Jackrabbit dance and uses the enrollment data to allow you access to your child’s classes. In order to view classes, you will need to download the Spot TV app and create a free account to sync with your Jackrabbit dance account.

How do I sign up?

  1. Down the free Spot TV Mobile App.

  2. Select the “New Here? Sign up” button.

  3. Fill in your information to create your account.

             *Select Shining Stars Dance Academy for studio.

  4. Choose your child’s classes when prompted. 

  5. Once SSDA as verified your account, classes will be available    to view.

Now What?

You have FOUR ways that you can watch your child during class:

1. Log in to your Parent Portal on Jackrabbit's Website (on laptop, desktop, or phone browser) and click on the Spot TV icon on the top menu bar

2. Log in to the SSDA App and click on the LIVE icon

3. Log in to Spot TV's website

4. Log in to the Spot TV Family app​


*if you have multiple children in classes at the same time or a dance room with multiple cameras to choose from, select which class or camera view from the menu on the left


Spot TV has advanced security software that will detect, and block, attempts of screenshots and screen recordings. If you repeatedly attempt screenshots and screen recordings you will be locked out of your Spot TV account and SSDA will have the right to refuse and revoke access. We take our students' and families safety and security very seriously. 

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