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Summer 2022

The 6 week summer session will run July 5th through August 20th. There will be a 1 week break July 25th - 30th.

Pricing for our entire 6 week dance session is due by the start of the session on July 5th, it is a single fee for the whole session.

Pricing is as follows:

30 minute class: $60

45 minute class: $70

60 minute class: $80

We will be offering a discount tier for multiple classes and a 5% discount for siblings on your total tuition. This discounts only applies to the 6 week summer dance session. Not valid for summer camps There is no unlimited tuition rate for summer. 

Summer Discount Tier:
1st Class: No Discount
2nd Class : 10% Discount

3rd Class : 15% Discount

4th Class : 20% Discount

5th Class : 25% Discount

6th Class : 30% Discount

7th Class : 30% Discount

8th Class : 30% Discount

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