We offer dance classes for Girl Scouts to earn their fun badge or to fulfill the requirements for a specific badge. Prices include badges. Times are available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please call in advance to reserve a time slot and to find out more!


Dance Fun Badge
We can help your Girl Scouts earn the Girl Scout “Dance” fun patch or the “Dance Fitness” fun patch, which is not an official badge, but can be worn on the back of their uniform vests/sash!
Cost: $8 per scout: Patches are included in the price.

Daisies-Courageous and Strong (Red Petal)
Daisy Girl Scouts will learn the importance of warming up before exercising and learn how to stretch various muscles. They will learn basic dance steps and feel how it strengthens their bodies. Once they have practiced their basic steps, they will work together to create a short and simple "dance" using a combination of steps. They will each then get a chance to be courageous and perform their dance with the instructor for the rest of the group, reviewing the steps they have learned.
Cost: $8 per scout: Patches are included in the price.

Brownies- Dancer Badge
When Brownies earn the Dancer badge, they will have explored the world of dancing! Brownies will learn to stretch, warm up their bodies, learn some basic moves, and participate in a follow the leader game to build a dance step by step. At the end of the program, the girls will perform the dances they learned!
Cost: $8 per scout: Patches are included in the price.

Juniors- Staying Fit Badge
The “Staying Fit” Badge begins with a gentle warm-up and stretch. Once the body is warmed up, students will move on to the more energetic, aerobic dance moves of hip hop and jazz dance. Healthy aerobic exercise practices will be discussed throughout the class!
Cost: $8 per scout: Patches are included in the price.