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30 Minute Class - $43/month

45 Minute Class - $53/month

60 Minute Class - $63/month

75 Minute Class - $73/month

90 Minute Class - - $84/month

Our annual membership fee is $35 per student or $60 per family. The annual membership fee is due with your first tuition installment. Membership fees cannot be prorated, refunded or transferred.

Multi Class Discount Tier


1st class - No discount

2nd class - 10% discount

3rd class - 15% discount

4th class - 20% discount 

5th class - 25% discount
6th class - 30% discount

1 Student Unlimited Rate: $185/month*
2 Student Family Unlimited Rate: $291/month*
3+ Student Family Unlimited Rate: $358/month*

*The following classes are not included in our monthly tuition rate: Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and Modern. To participate in these classes on the unlimited rate an additional $25 will be added to monthly tuition for each genre registered for.

Drop-In / Trial Classes

30 Minute Class - $14

45 Minute Class - $17

60 Minute Class - $20

75 Minute Class - $24

90 Minute Class - $27

Pop Up Classes

Pop up classes are offered at least twice monthly during the dance season.  

Member Pricing (must be enrolled in the 10 month dance year)
Age             Class Length       Drop -In            7 Class Card

Ages 5-7          60 minutes                $15                           $90
Ages 8+          90 minutes                 $20                          $120


Non-Member Pricing
Age             Class Length       Drop -In            7 Class Card

Ages 5-7          60 minutes                $22.50                      $135
Ages 8+
          90 minutes                 $27.50                      $165

*Last updated 8/14/2023

Costumes average $45-85 per costume. Each class will perform one number at the annual recital with the exception of combo classes which will perform 2 numbers and require 2 costumes. The cost per costume will never exceed $85.

We will release the price list for costumes in September. Costume Fees will be due in full in November. If you do not wish to participate in the year-end recital we need to be notified in writing by October 31st, 2023. This fee will be charged to the card on file with your monthly tuition.

If you register for classes after November 1st the balance will be added to the following months tuition.


Recital Fees

Recital fee is not a fee to participate but rather a package for your dancer. Our recital fee includes (1) recital t-shirt per dancer, (1) pair of performance tights per dancer, (1) professional recording of the recital per family, and any required props. Recital fee is due in full with March tuition. The exact recital fee will be announced in the January newsletter

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for all dancers to work on improving technique or gaining new skills. To request a private lesson with one of our instructors please email: with what genre/skills/technique your dancer would like to work on along with their name. Rates listed below are for members/non-members respectively.

30 Minutes $38/$43
45 Minutes $48/$53
60 minutes $58/$63

Additional Costs

Additional costs you can expect to incur for dance classes include required dress code, optional events you wish to attend, class pictures, recital tickets. We ask that all dancers are present for our professional picture day but it is not mandatory to purchase pictures. We like to have pictures of all of our dancers hanging in our studio to see for years to come.

A $25 late fee will be charged to all accounts with a balance past due after the 3rd of each month. 

A $25 chargeback fee will be applied for each transaction returned due to insufficient funs or credit card chargeback.

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