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We ask that if any students or family members feel sick, or are showing any symptoms of illness, to please stay home and take class zia Zoom.  We also recommend taking temperatures before heading to the studio. 

  1. Dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the studio. If for any reason their parent wishes not to use our sanitizer, the dancer may go to the bathroom to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  2. Please make sure your dancer arrives ready for class. They will not have time to change into their dance clothes.

  3. Dancers need to bring only what they need for class. We recommend a water bottle (with their name on it) 

  4. Our lobby is currently OPEN to 1 parent/guardian per dancer. We ask that you please wait outside the lobby for the class in session to dismiss before entering the lobby.

  5. We will continue to offer Zoom for each class. Parents are able to watch via Zoom and dancers can Zoom into classes if they are feeling unwell. The link to watch is only available through the parent portal. We will not give out the Zoom link to anyone requesting it via email/social media. 

  6. Bathrooms and other commonly touched surfaces, such as ballet barres, are sanitized frequently and before and after class. 

  7. We dismiss class 5 minutes early to allow a smooth transition into the next class. This will also allow us to sanitize any surfaces that need it. 

  8. All dancers must enter through the left door and exit through the right door. 

  9. Please make sure all of your dancers shoes are clearly labeled with their initials!



Masks are not mandatory for dancers and are not recommended for vigorous exercise. It is up to the parents discretion if they would like their dancer to wear a mask to class.

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