We ask that if any students or family members feel sick, or are showing ill symptoms, to please stay home and take class zia ZOOM.  We also recommend taking temperatures before heading to the studio. Per the Governor's mandate, We will have to ask pre-screening questions before dancers may enter the studio. 

Dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering the studio. If for any reason a parent does not want us to use our sanitizer on their child they can use their own as long as we see them use it on their child or they may go directly to the bathroom to thoroughly wash their hands. We will provide hand sanitizer in every room and antibacterial soap in every bathroom (on top of our YL Thieves Soap).

Please make sure that your dancer arrives ready for class and does not need to change into their dance attire at the studio as we have to sanitize the bathroom after every use. Please help us to save on cleaning supplies, they are still VERY hard to come by. 


Dancers are asked to arrive with only what they need for class. We recommend each student bring in their own water bottle and labeling it with their name in order to stay hydrated during class. When dancers arrive they will be asked to place street shoes and a labeled water bottle in their designated lobby area.


Our lobby WILL be closed to parents & siblings.. We will have a zoom link for every class so you may still watch your dancer from wherever you are. The zoom link is located in the parent portal under your dancers class schedule. The lobby will only be open for our Baby Ballerina and Tiny Tot Jazz/Hip Hop class since dancers will need assistance using the bathroom. Parents will be spaced 6 feet apart in the lobby. 


Dancers must maintain 10 feet of social distancing during physical activity. With these guidelines we can have a maximum of 12 people in the entire studio space. We will have limited class sizes, so please be sure to register early to get the classes that you want!


Bathrooms will be sanitized between each dancer and frequently touched surfaces are being sanitizer between classes. The ballet barres are sanitized before and after class, other than that we are not using props in class.  

Students will be asked not to touch or hold hands during class. 


We will dismiss classes 5 minutes early to allow for smoother entering and exiting transitions as well as extra sanitizing. All dancers will enter the studio from the left lobby door and exit through the right lobby door. 


Please make sure all of your dancers shoes are clearly labeled with their initials! We will not have our shoe bins in the lobby in case a dancer forgets their shoes.

All Surfaces will continue to be dis-infected in between class as well as deep cleaned with our steam mop daily. We will be avoiding the use of props during class unless necessary to do so for choreography(Performance Team)

Masks are not mandatory for dancers and are not recommended for vigorous exercise. It is up to the parents discretion if they would like their dancer to wear a mask to class. All parents who will be sending their dancer to class in a masks will need to sign our waiver form that highlights the dangers of wearing a mask during exercise and their dancer may be asked not to dance “full out” to avoid lack of oxygen and prevent their dancer from passing out or overheating.  Students will all be facing one direction most of the class.

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