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Performance Team

Galaxy Dancer Competition Results:


Celebration Talent Competition:

Lillian, “Piece by Piece”: High Gold Award, selected as a finalist for Celebration Talent Dancer of the Year, Miss Photogenic Runner up!

N’deyah, “LipGloss”: High Gold Award, Judges Costume Award, Miss Photogenic Runner up!

Mollie, “Counting Stars”: Gold Award 

“One More Light” Duo: High Gold Award

“Candyland” Petite Small Group: Gold Award, Judges “Showstopper” Award!

“You Say” Junior Small Group: High Gold Award

“Sing” Junior Small Group: Gold Award!


Star Talent Productions:

Junior Open Excel Small Group “Sing” - HIGH GOLD, 1st place Open Small Group!
Junior Contemporary Excel Small Group “You Say” - HIGH GOLD!
Mini Jazz Excel Small Group “Candyland” - HIGH GOLD, 1st place Mini Small Group!
Junior Extreme Lyrical Duo “One More Light” - HIGH GOLD, 1st place Junior Lyrical Duo, 4th place overall Junior Duo/Trio!!
Mollie Petite Excel Open Solo “Counting Stars” - HIGH GOLD, 1st place Petite open solo!
N’deyah Mini Excel Jazz Solo “Lipgloss” - PLATINUM, 1st place Mini Jazz Solo!!
Lillian Junior Extreme Lyrical Solo “Piece by Piece” - PLATINUM, 1st place Junior Lyrical Solo, 6th place overall Junior Extreme Solo!! 


Star Talent Photogenic Awards-
Reagan: HIGH GOLD!
N’deyah: HIGH PLATINUM, Miss Mini Photogenic!
Lillian: HIGH GOLD!
Kamryn: HIGH GOLD!


World Class Talent Experience:

Lillian, “Piece by Piece”: 5 STAR AWARD!

Mollie, “Counting Stars”: 4 STAR AWARD!

“One More Light” Duo: 4 STAR AWARD!

“Candyland” Petite Small Group: 5 STAR AWARD!


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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